Taking your injury personal.

When you or a loved one has endured severe personal injury, it's your right to seek justice and compensation. Helping you find it is my job.


Sonnier Injury Law provides representation for cases involving injuries sustained in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck and commercial vehicle collisions, and 18-wheeler accidents. I also provide representation for injuries from dangerous drugs and products, as well as workers compensation representation following construction accidents and workplace accidents.

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims
  • 18-Wheeler Accidents
  • Plant Accidents
  • Offshore Maritime Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Claims
  • Product Liability/Product Recalls
  • Pharmaceutical/Drug Recalls

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a free initial consultation?
Yes, the initial consultation is free for all potential clients. My initial meeting with you is very important. It gives me an opportunity to determine the facts and circumstances of your situation and whether or not I believe we will be able to help you. It gives you the opportunity to meet me and determine if I’m the right attorney for your case.

How much will you charge to represent me?
The majority of Sonnier Law Firm cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. This means that I am only paid if I obtain a favorable result for you. A contingency fee is based upon a percentage of your recovery and the percentage charged is based upon the type of case you have. This will be fully explained in the free initial consultation with you. The Sonnier Law Firm may advance costs for experts, postage, filing fees, copies, and other expenses associated with handling your case. In an automobile case, I do not charge any fee for helping you resolve your property damage claim.

What if I am unable to come to your office?
If your injury, lack of transportation, or financial situation as a result of your accident prevents you from coming to our office, I will meet with you at your house, hospital, or any other convenient meeting place.

How much is my case worth?
Quite frankly, if any attorney tells you what your case is worth before meeting with you and studying the facts and law involved in your case, they are simply not being upfront with you. To determine the value of your case many factors including how the accident occurred, the severity and nature of your injury, who was at fault in causing the accident, and the law that applies to your accident must be evaluated. Ultimately, the value of your case may be determined by a judge or jury of your peers. There's a possibility that number may not be the same as the one the insurance company is giving you.

How do I contact you?
The easiest way to contact me is by telephone, 1(855) SONN-LAW (855-766-6529) or (225) 214-4145. You may also send an email through the link on this website. When describing your accident and the nature of your injuries please provide your full name and contact information in addition to the names of all companies and/or individuals that you believe caused your accident. Please do not provide any sensitive or confidential information in this email. Remember that representation does not begin until I have met with you and you have signed a written contract.